Spring 2024 Workshops & Events

Fall 2023 Workshops & Events

Soldering Workshop – Fall 2023
This workshop was created as an opportunity for students of all skillsets and majors to learn the basics of soldering. 15 students attended the workshop, and most of them had little to no soldering experience. With the help of Professor Chi Chiu and our project team, the students were able to learn how to safely […]
Arduino Workshop – Fall 2023
Professor Chi Chiu and our project team taught Arduino programming to our members. The basics of the Arduino Uno, how to interact with the software and hardware used for Arduino Uno, and opportunities for robotics projects were shown and explained.
PCB Design Workshop
This workshop was aimed at those who wanted to learn the basics of printed circuit board design using Altium software. Not many schools teach printed circuit board design, so we hoped that this workshop gave attendees skill that differentiated themselves from other engineering students.
Python Workshop – Fall 2023
This workshop was aimed at beginners who wanted to learn the fundamentals of Python coding. There were about fifteen people in attendance. This workshop was aimed to use the fundamental skills of Python learned from the first Python workshop to create a game as a project using Python coding. We hoped that this would inspire […]
IEEE Day 2023
IEEE Day is an annual event that celebrates the first time in history when engineers worldwide gathered to share their technical ideas in 1884. One of the IEEE Day’s objectives is to show the ways IEEE members, in local communities, join together to collaborate on ideas that leverage technology for a better tomorrow. On October […]
Circuit Construction Workshop – Fall 2023
On September 29, 2023, 28 students of various skill sets and backgrounds gathered together to learn the basics of circuit construction. Students received various electrical components and a mini solderless breadboard, at no charge to the students. They were seated at lab tables that had multimeters, DC power sources, and function generators, all of which […]





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