Circuit Construction Workshop – Fall 2023

On September 29, 2023, 28 students of various skill sets and backgrounds gathered together to learn the basics of circuit construction. Students received various electrical components and a mini solderless breadboard, at no charge to the students. They were seated at lab tables that had multimeters, DC power sources, and function generators, all of which they would encounter in a genuine laboratory class. Students followed along with a prepared presentation on how to use the lab equipment safely and effectively and how to use a breadboard to construct circuits. After demonstrating various circuits involving resistors, capacitors, and LEDs, we illustrated how to read an electrical circuit schematic and the pins on an integrated chip. To culminate everything the students learned throughout the workshop, we challenged them to construct a rudimentary 555-timer circuit from reading a schematic. With the assistance of our IEEE project chairs, every student successfully created the circuit, regardless of their experience before the workshop.



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